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Butterfly Facelift
Butterfly Facelift
Vampire Facelift, Prp Facelift, Stem Cell Facelift
Vampire Facelift, Prp Facelift, Stem Cell Facelift
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Welcome to / Don't Wait 2 Rejuvenate

Don't Wait 2 Rejuvenate!

Look 5-10 years younger, get rid of scars and make thin hair thick again using all natural Stem Cell/PRP technology!

Skin Care and Medical Spa located 10 minutes from Huntington Beach, Ca 

Eastern and Western medicine working together:   No fillers, no botox and no surgery.

DW2R is a full-service rejuvenation center near Huntington Beach, Ca that serves patients from around the world at their medical clinics located across southern California. DW2R offers natural-based, medical treatment options like our PRP Facelift (Also sometimes called the Stem Cell Facelift) as well as PRP Hair Restoration to rejuvenate and restore the body.   We use cutting edge adult stem cell technology to reverse the aging process, remove acne scars and make thin hair thick again. Our team of doctors and technicians specialize in non-surgical techniques that offer maximum results with minimal downtime or discomfort.

In addition to our non surgical face lifts and micro needling done with the eclipse micro pen we also offer cool sculpting, UL therapy, prp hair restoration and skin tightening. 

Jim Hooper, Co-Founder

Huntington Beach Vampire Facelift, Huntington Beach hair Restoration, Huntington Beach Bosely Hair restoration, Huntington Beach
Hair restoration, PRP hair restoration, Bosley hair restoration,
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