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Alicia Facundo --- 5 Stars for

WOW Amazing! Jim, your're my man! Your are so good at this procedure it is unbelievable! This NON- Surgical Don't Wait 2 Rejuvenate Stem Cell Procedure is remarkable! I rate "" a 12... I had to sign up for their Special Promotion of three treatments for only $5,250 - last 50% off. This is definitely the place to get rejuvenated!! I will be a member for life.


Diane Breedlove --- 5 Stars for

I recently went in to have the new Butterfly Face Lift and it was great. The results are amazing. I highly recommend it and want to say how professional the staff is. Jim the technician did an amazing job. I have done the PRP facial, as well, and recommended it too. They are very professional and the cost is well worth the results. I am very happy with the final result and I get compliments on my skin now. I'm going to go back and have the PRP treatment on my scalp for hair loss. I highly recommend it.


Rita Magana --- 5 Stars for

Jim, the technician at is a master. After 3 sessions I look great. No brag just fact. I've gotten many compliments and love looking in the mirror and not seeing the wrinkles I had before my sessions with Jim. I'd recommend to anyone who's ready to look and feel younger.


Sher Kalena Oba --- 5 Stars for

I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t usually write reviews but in Torrance blew my mind. First off, I am very selective of whom I trust, give my time and money to. There are gazillion clinics that promises great results to reach your desired goals but it comes with a high price tag. It is who actually really cares to help you, not just an empty promise and pocket. has it all what it takes to a beautiful you. Primarily they are the most caring, attentive, professional and compassionate staff from beginning to end. No wonder this place is busy which is a good sign.

I am 5 weeks post-op c-section and I was looking for a natural way to get back my youth and body since I am breastfeeding. I’ve done my researched prior to my first visit. Science is everything behind every procedure and machine. It all makes sense. I had a butterfly face lift including cavitation and lymphatic drainage. Very natural and effective with amazing results after my first visit.

First I was greeted by the beautiful and kind Quin at, the front office manager. Then I was introduced to the team. They all hold professional licenses. A license nurse, license doctor, license phlebotomist and Jim the technician. Let me tell you, Jim the most knowledgeable technician along with Dr. Gloria Tumbaga are exceptionally phenomenal. I was taken to a private room and we discussed my goals and treatment plan. Jim and Dr. Tumbaga are very honest, genuine and caring. You can just tell that they want the best for you with results. Then the sweet Natascha put a numbing cream on my face and neck following my blood draw. In the treatment room, Jim was very informative and explained everything prior and during my procedure. I felt very excited, comfortable and at ease. The pain was very minimal and tolerable. Jim told me 70% of the redness will be gone in 12 hours and it sure did. Wait the fun and exciting part! It didn’t cost me a fortune. I bought a special deal for PRP facial and upgraded to include cavitation and lymphatic drainage. It was a mind blowing deal. Thanks to Jim and Dr. Tumbaga, I am on my way to turn back the clock. On the side note, I am an Emergency Room Nurse for 10+ years. I’ve witnessed a place that exceeded and met my high expectations plus more.


Stephanie Ornedo --- 5 Stars for

I waited for a few months to see the actual results after my PRP facial. I love my skin now, it is glowing and soft. I love waking up in the morning now to see how glowing it is😊. Jim is very knowledgeable on how to work on my skin, especially mine, very sensitive. I was skeptical at first, cause it was a little red, but after several days it went away. Jim called me the next day to check on how I was doing. I enjoy going there, because the staffs really do care about me, and they take time to talk to me to make sure i'm happy with the results. I will definitely recommend this to all the lady whose are looking to have beautiful glowing looking skin. I'm definitely coming back for more 😊 Thanks Jim!


Bobbi Hamilton --- 5 Stars for

Being an athletic model and a purist, I feel the PRP micro needling facial is the best thing I've done for my skin. I'm all for regeneration of the skin! Jim and staff are super fun and nice. Make sure to ask for what you really need and want! They will work with you. It's rather quick, no downtown, and the results are AMAZING, plus your skin continues to look better in the following months.


Wendy Ulve --- 5 Stars for

I had PRP treatment for hair loss which stopped my hair loss almost immediately. I did not expect such a dramatic result. I was so happy with the results I went back for a second treatment and plan to do a third as recommended. Just want to give myself the best possible chance to stop hair loss for good. I did pay for the extra hair serum that was offered. Like everyone else, I tried everything. This works. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with!

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